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Finally!!!  A safe and healthful solution to antibiotics for controlling and haulting infections without dangerous side effects, while being very cost effective.  Change your treatment to a non-threatening painless process.  Enjoy accelerated healing time when treating wounds, scrapes, hot spots, gaulding, thrush, eye infections or anywhere bacteria driven pathogens have taken hold with your animals.  This product is the most effective solution ever tested and supported by university and hospital studies, for controlling MRSA (staff), eColi, Salmonella, Streptococcus and cDiff.  Vetbiotics® is a broad spectrum healthy beneficial probiotic bacteria that dominates all other bad bacteria giving you peace of mind.  Non toxic and 100% safe, you not only protect your animals, but create a safer living environment in their space.  No other product in the world can give you as many positive outcomes from use.  A small amount goes a long way.


8 FL. OZ.

  • Nature’s Protection
  • Broad Spectrum ProBiotics
  • Keeps working & protecting up to three days all the way down to the microscopic level
  • Creates a layer of beneficial ProBiotics
  • Deconstructs the source of odors
  • 100% NON-GMO
  • Approved for use by Certified Organic Organizations
  • Non-Volatile & Chemical Free
  • Non-Flammable
  • Biodegradable, Eco-friendly & Beneficial
  • No Endocrine Disrupting Molecules

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We live in two worlds, one we can see, and the invisible Micro-world comprised of trillions of unhealthy microscopic particles, creatures, bacterias and allergens on every inch of skin and every surface we touch. VETBIOTICS® is a true breakthrough in helping you control this microscopic environment surrounding us, controlling biofilm, unhealthy bacteria, pathogens and allergens. The proprietary broad spectrum stabilized trademarked probiotics in VETBIOTICS® works to protect and optimize hygiene. Each application of VETBIOTICS® actively works all the way down to the micro-level, working and protecting 24/7 for up to 3 days, deconstructing and eliminating biofilm & pathogens, making your world safer from infection. You will never have to use ineffective “UNHEALTHY CHEMICALS” again.

Recommended use: 

Shake the container & simply spray a light mist over all surfaces or infections to be treated and protected at least once every day. This type of microscopic treatment can possibly accelerate and enhance healing of scrapes, wounds, gaulding, hot spots, eye infections, hoof and foot infections. Protect against bio-hazard surface transfers, and other issues. Spray stalls, piping, shavings & dog beds every 3 days.


  1. Jocelyn Bailey

    My horse had an eye infection, and after just one application and two days later, the infection was gone. This product is amazing!

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INGREDIENTS: Purified water and proprietary stabilized beneficial Organic
Probiotics. No fragrances or colorants added.


Broad Spectrum ProBiotics • Keeps working & protecting up to three days all the way down to the microscopic level • Creates a layer of protective beneficial ProBiotics • Control risk of dangerous bacteria, biofilm & pathogens • Family, Food & Pet safe • 100% Non-GMO • Approved for use by Certified Organic Organizations • Non-Volatile • Chemical Free • Non-Flammable • Biodegradable • Eco-Friendly & Beneficial





Within the cleaning and hygiene industry the terms ‘microbial’, ‘Biological’, ‘Bacterial’ and ‘Probiotic’ are generally used to describe any cleaning product that utilizes either bacteria or bacterial enzymes to facilitate or assist in the cleaning action the product is trying to fulfill. True microbial products contain healthy living bacteria either in live or spore form rather than merely enzymes. The use of enzymes in cleaning products is well known and the perception of ‘Bio’ cleaning products has been heavily influenced by the washing detergent industry where Bio / Non-Bio are recognized terms. However, again this is primarily the use of enzymes rather than bacteria. Most bacterias have a very positive effect on the environment and ourselves. In fact, the ecosystems in which we live rely heavily on beneficial bacteria. We even rely on bacteria on a very personal level within our digestive system and on our skin to keep us healthy.
The bacteria used within cleaning products have been specifically selected, not only for the positive effect they have when degrading soiling, but for the positive effect they have on the environment. The way bacterias work very basically is to produce enzymes, these in turn break down the soiling (substrate) available into an energy source to allow the continued growth or replication of the bacteria. The breaking down of the substrate is fundamentally what gives bacteria their cleaning efficiency. The use of bacteria rather than enzymes alone is key. Enzymes, although effective initially, only provide a benefit to the product during the initial application if used alone. In this respect, they work in a similar manner to the surfactants contained within cleaning products. Bacterias however, provide a very distinct advantage in that they continue to produce enzymes to break down the available substrates. In conclusion, the use of selected beneficial bacteria within a product makes the product itself a ‘microbial’, ‘bacterial’, ‘Probiotic’ or biological product. From this point forward for this article we shall use the term microbial.
Why is there a problem with current cleaning products?
There are a number of benefits when using microbial products over the currently available chemical alternatives. To understand the benefits fully, it is important we know the drawbacks to continued use of chemical products.
Many of the chemicals used within cleaning products are produced using large scale industrial processes that not only produce CO2 and are non-renewable, but also can produce hazardous by-products such as Endocrine disruptors. The continued production of industrial chemicals is a concern not only for the environment, but the impact it has on our health. Endocrine disruptors replicate DNA, ours and our animals, creating downstream negative health effects.
The second drawback to the continued use of chemical based cleaning products stems from the fact many are biocides. Using a biocidal/antimicrobial sanitizer has an obvious
appeal to many, particularly in the home and in health establishments. However, the continued use of antimicrobial products is coming into question due to increase in antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. The principles behind antibiotic resistance are basically taking the competitive nature of the bacterias that are all around us into account. Not all bacterias are equal, there are strains that are very adaptable and strains that are very susceptible to change in the environment. There are strains with very fast growth, and strains with very slow growth. More importantly for this principle, there are strains that are harmful to humans and animals, and strains that are beneficial to humans and animals. The reason the differences between bacterias are highlighted is important is because if there is continued use of anti-microbial products within an environment, only the stronger and more resistant strains survive. This means that the environment is cleared not only of some of the harmful bacteria, but also some of the beneficial bacteria. Antimicrobial’s just do not work. With an artificially modified environment, the bacterias that remain have the room to multiply and the nutrients to do so in abundance. Should the remaining bacteria be pathogenic, the problem is compounded every time the surface environment is cleaned.
Lastly, there’s cost. The cost to manufacture chemical cleaning products is relatively low compared with more advanced microbial alternative. This is reflected in the cost for the product itself. However, cleaning is a rather labor-intensive undertaking. The cost on an institutional level to pay for someone to clean a facility is far greater that the cost of the product in use. The drawback with most chemical products is once cleaned, an area then immediately starts to become populated again with unhealthy bacteria. The cleaning process is a continual one, and by its nature the frequency of which an area is cleaned has a significant impact on cost.
First, the environmental and health impact should be paramount in thought. Many cleaning chemicals used within the cleaning and hygiene product industry are harmful to the environment, humans, and animals. This can be from the use of the chemical in its supplied form, meaning the product itself, if introduced to the environment is detrimental or more commonly the industrial manufacture of the constituent chemicals is harmful.
What benefits do microbial cleaning products offer?
The best way to demonstrate the benefits of microbial products is firstly to acknowledge how they overcome the disadvantages of the chemical alternatives mentioned.
Firstly, the environment:
Biological cleaning products provide a far more sustainable future for cleaning. The reason for this is the process for fermentation of bacteria is far more environmentally responsible than the manufacture of many industrial chemicals.
Microbial products themselves also provide a positive or at the very least neutral effect on the environment, due to the nature of using bacteria within a cleaning product formulation the additional surfactants etc. all need to be gentle to the environment as they need to sustain a solution in which the bacteria can survive. This is where Eco benign chemistry is introduced, a cleaning product that contains bacteria alone, although very sustainable would find it difficult to be a cleaner by itself. Eco benign is the adoption of surfactants and other product ingredients that are safe and environmentally responsible. Additionally, the manufacture of Eco benign products is sustainable, sourcing environmentally conscious raw materials.
Secondly, the effectiveness in the short/long term:
Microbial products by their nature do not take from the environment, they add to it. Boosting the number of beneficial bacterias in a given area to provide long-term effectiveness. The build-up of beneficial bacteria in a given area is referred to as healthy biofilm control. Continued use of microbial products leaves healthy biofilm in the area in which it is applied, and even after the initial clean the bacterias continue to break down additional soiling, cleaning deep surfaces like fabrics, flooring, flat metal surfaces, piping, grout, and wood. This means a sustained clean environment, a reduction in dangerous bacterias (MRSA, ECOLI, SALMONELLA, C-DIFF, etc.) as well as offensive odors and less requirement for repeat cleaning.
Lastly, the additional benefits:
The adoption of beneficial microbial products has the added benefit of a reduction in allergens, which is particularly important in a working environment. A reduction in allergens increases health and welfare of livestock, staff, and guests, providing a far more pleasant and productive environment. The adoption of environmental innovations is also significant in the perception a company gives to its workforce and its customers regarding its values. With an increasing move towards sustainable companies, the adoption of microbial live probiotic cleaning products, Vetbiotics® creates measurable positive solutions, controlling pathogen bacterias. It’s simple to change and has an immediate impact, lowering cost and protecting your investment. Nano technology cleaning and protection at two levels. Vetbiotics® All Purpose Cleaner and Probiotic Mist fogging.