*“I have watched the creation & evolution process of OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE equine nutrition for the past 5 years. Excellence from the beginning of the thought process to the finished products offered. From the very beginning, the meticulous thought & research on each product is the reason we always recommend OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE equine nutrition.”

-Tim Eastman DVM, DACVS, MPVM

Equine Veterinarian, Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic

*“After giving my horse Opti-Thrive she felt like she had a whole different gear that I hadn’t felt before. She looks healthier and moves more freely! I wouldn’t choose any other supplement for my performance horse!!”

-Kassidy Williams

Barrel Racer Casper, Wyoming

*“In the sport of Team Roping the horse is everything. My team roping horses name is Dually and I take the time to make sure he is taken care of and supplemented correctly. That is why I use Opti-Thrive and Opti-Flex from Optimum Performance Equine. The Opti-Thrive includes the daily health and stabilizes his overall nutritional balance. Opti-Flex is a regenerative joint complex and supports Dually bone, joint, and connective tissue breakdown. Optimum Performance Equine has world class products, and an awesome staff to work with. Make sure to check them out!”

-Ranger Hill

Team Roper

*“Since our horses and ponies have been on the Optimum Performance Supplements we have had great results with their health being at its best ever. The products are very palatable for the horses to eat and we find them looking for it in their feed. We can’t thank Optimum Performance Equine Nutrition for their continued support and sponsorship of a great product. One of our favorite products that they have is Opti-Relief. We use it on a daily basis when jumping our horses as a rub down and then wrap after. We have seen great results with this especially along with the rest of the products.
Thank you again Optimum Performance Equine Nutrition!”

-David, Kirsten, Jack, and Emma Crawford and everyone at Promise Hill Farm

*“I believe in feeding my horses the best quality supplements, feed, etc. and when I started using Optimum Performance Equine I could tell within a few days that it made my horses have more energy, especially the Daily Health and Performance Serum. Their favorite thing about it is the taste, I can barely get my horses to eat feed without it! I also love using the joint rub after I make a hard run, or even if my horses have a tough workout! I’ve noticed that it starts relieving pain or any discomfort with the joints in the matter of 30-35min! So, I overall love Optimum Performance Equine Supplements, the name speaks for itself and it you want the best this is it!”

-Harley Plant

Barrel Racer, Corsicana, TX, a member of TJHRA (Texas Junior High Rodeo Association), BRAT (Barrel Racing Association of Texas), and WYRA (Winners Youth Rodeo Association).

*“I’m very impressed with the results after using Opti-Flex! My horse gets really stiff when he is stalled and comes out sore in the mornings. After about a week on Opti-Flex I started noticing him coming out of his stall a lot looser and moving more comfortably. He now comes out in the mornings feeling great! His times on the pattern have also improved! I have noticed him taking more confident powerful strides, and he feels wonderful! Love this stuff!”

-Bailey Rigdon

Barrel Racer, Bowling Green, Kentucky

*“All my horses get Opti-Thrive as a daily health supplement to protect them from head to tail. Stealer is on Opti-Thrive, Opti-Flex, and Opti-relief. After a workout, I apply Opti-Relief in any area that I feel he could become sore in. The Opti-Flex also keeps his legs in great condition too. After his suspensory injury about a year ago, he always had problems with it flaring up… until I started using these products.
I am so thankful for this company and the work they do to keep horses everywhere feeling their best.”

– Jocelyn Bailey

Barrel Racer & Horse Trainer

*“Optimum Performance Equine products have made my horses manes and tails grow more than a inch in the past few months. Their coat looks glamorous and softer than ever. These products not only make them look better, they also keep the digestion system clean with less risk of colic. The Opti-Drive helps keep my barrel horse calm but also giving her the energy she needs to make a good fast clean run. My favorite of all the products is Opti-relief. I can always rely on it after a big run or hard work out to keep my horses from getting sore or swelling up at a over night rodeo. The opti- Flex, Opti-Drive, Opti-Thrive and Opti- Relief are the best supplements I have had the privilege to have in my barn! These products are like no other!”

-Bridgit Rodgers

Barrel Racer

*“After I started feeding the Optimum Performance supplements I have seen a huge difference in both of my horses behaviors and performance levels!! I am very picky with what my horses get. I have done a lot of research on all the different ingredients and when I found Optimum Performance products it had everything I wanted for my horses!! I have struggled with some ulcer issues with my barrel horse and after I started him on OPTI-GEST I haven’t had a problem since. His joints are feeling great and he never comes out of the stall stiff with OPTI-FLEX! Both of my boys LOVE the taste and put their noses up to the feed without the supplements!!!! I am VERY happy with the results of the Optimum Performance products and I will never purchase any other products for my performance horses!!! The OPTI-RELIEF is also awesome, it is something that is always with me either at a rodeo or at home. My horses LOVE it ALL!!!!”

-Kyra Walizer

Barrel Racer, Breakaway Roper, Member of APRA, Mill Hall, PA

*“Optimum Performance Equine Nutrition has helped my horse tremendously! I struggled trying to keep him sound when I first purchased him. He struggles with navicular issues and joint stiffness. I’ve tried corrective shoeing, injections, multiple name brand supplements, and spent hundreds of dollars. I started my gelding on Opti-Flex and Opti-Thrive, after two weeks I saw drastic results! His coat became super shiny and his hooves improved as well. He no longer came out of his stall stiff in the mornings and overnight or weekend stays on the road were no problem for him! I started him on Opti-Drive for that extra boost to kick off the 2016 rodeo season. And the Opti-Relief has become a must have for me. I never leave the barn without my Optimum Performance products!”

-Bailey Rigdon

Barrel Racer, Bowling Green, Kentucky

*“My husband and I have a thoroughbred ( Sparky) who is 22 years old and a rescue six year Percheron (Magnus) on the Opti-Thrive. We cannot say enough about how great this product is!!

Sparky had lost his appetite and just wasn’t himself anymore and Magnus had come from a kill lot. We have been working on putting weight on Magnus and he has been coming along slowly. Just before I started them on Opti-Thrive, both had a runny nose as well. After a little over a week on Opti-Thrive, these two came alive. I realized today that they didn’t have runny noses, their eyes were alert! Sparky had started inhaling his food again in the past two days and has been acting like a two year old running around and being silly.

As for Magnus, today he was in the turnout pen, he took off running and bucking! I have never seen him do this! It was so heartwarming to see all this energy and life come from him. His eyes are bright and you can definitely see a huge difference in his stride. He was holding his head high and feeling good!

-Susan Avivi

*“This is our 9 year old mare, Blaze. She bowed both of her back tendons last summer. After six months of stall rest and only 6 weeks on opti-flex, she is stronger than we ever could have hoped for! I only wish we would have started her sooner on opti-flex. These supplements are of the highest quality and we will continue with them even after she has healed.“

-Carrie Goldman

*“This is Sundance, my 20 year old Arabian, though I don’t think he knows he’s 20. Since he’s been on Opti-Thrive, he is stronger, his coat is beautiful, and he is literally thriving. The results I see in my horses are a testament to the quality of Optimum Performance supplements.“

-Carrie Goldman